Withholding Nothing

I recently went to a women’s conference titled “Withholding Nothing,” and boy oh boy did it wreck my entire soul. I cried my little eyes out and let go of all my pain. I learned so many insightful things that I couldn’t go without sharing with someone. Here are a few things that I learned at the conference.


There are three things that God puts in our hands.

  • Purpose– what is your purpose in life? What has God called you to do? This one hit home for me because for a while I thought I had life pretty much figured out and then God came in and set it to me straight. For the longest time I wanted to be a news reporter. Growing up as a child I always had our family camcorder in my hand making funny videos of myself talking. (It still haunts me to this day when my parents show me those home videos haha!) I went on to be a reporter and thought yep, that’s my calling. While out in Oklahoma, God began speaking to me. He wanted me to walk away from the very thing I wanted the most. I didn’t get it at the time and I thought maybe God really isn’t speaking to me; maybe it’s just the devil. Ha, nope it was God. He made things so uncomfortable until I heard him loud and clear. Now looking back it was the best decision I’ve made thus far. I’ve grown in my walk with Christ; I’ve grown as a wife, in my home, as a friend. I’ve grown in such a way that I would have never grown had I not listened to God. You see I was making my reporter life more important than God. Read the Bible you say? Yeah right! I had no time and if you want to make it in the business, news is life. I was so focused on my career that I didn’t even enjoy my first year as a new wife. I don’t mean that in a sense that I didn’t love being married to Michael, but without realizing it, I was putting him second. I worked Sundays and was never able to go to church. My husband would get all fine and dressed up to go to church and I had to go to work. After a while that didn’t feel right. I didn’t know it then, but that was God beginning to talk to my soul. When God tells you to do something, it’s SO important that we listen because His plans are far better than our plans! So whatever purpose He has for your life, be patient and be ready to obey him.

{“For I know the plans I have for you, “ Declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future.”} Jeremiah 29:11


  • Miracle– Many of us are going through something hard and feel like we’re alone and there’s no one else out there feeling the same things they’re feeling. Well I’m here to tell you you’re NOT alone. Every single person right now is going through something; they’re dealing with something within. People wonder why I love God so much, it’s because he’s the one person that picks up the broken pieces in my life and puts them back together as if they were never broken to begin with. He’s the only one that sent his only Son to die for my sins. I can’t name anyone else who can do that for me. Sure there are people that can help ease the pain. When I’m down or upset, my husband helps cheer me up, but he can’t fully put me back together. Some of us are waiting on our miracles not realizing it’s right in the palm of our hands. All you have to do is believe that if He can do it for me, He can do it for you. One of the things God helped me with was Depression. Depression can be a scary thing that can have life long consequences if you’re not careful. The enemy uses that weapon and way too often it ends with tragedy. I’ve discussed this before, but there was a time where Michael and I broke up for about a year my senior year of High School. I was so lost, but that’s when I met Grace and Mercy. God pulled me out of that depression and if He did it for me, He can do it for YOU.

{Let us approach God’s throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need} Hebrews 4:16


  • Life– I don’t know about you, but without God in my life would be a total mess. Not to say that I’m not a total mess at times, but I need God to put order back into my life when things get out of line. Life has its ups and downs and I need God in my corner so that when Life tries to get me down, he can pick me back up. I don’t know how anyone can live their life without Christ. I have the fear of the Lord so deeply rooted in me, there’s no way I can live without him. There was a point where I was living without him. I always believed in the Lord, but I wasn’t really living for Him I was living for myself. I didn’t hang around other believers, God really wasn’t the topic of discussion, and it was more of a thing to do. Going to church on Sundays was a thing to do. Now I’m not trying to discourage anyone that goes to church. In fact I encourage it, because even if it’s not making sense to you now and you can’t seem to stay awake in church because you’re mind is clouded with things you don’t even need to be worried about… the word of God will eventually hit home for you. Who do you turn to when things go wrong in your life, people, God, or both? It’s okay to turn to both but NEVER okay to turn to man before your Lord and Savior. Don’t fill your mind and spirit with temporary things and expect your life to make sense, because it won’t.

{Those who oppose the Lord will be broken} 1 Samuel 2:10 

I pray for anyone that may be feeling lost, like they don’t know their purpose in life, and those who feel broken. God loves you and has a purpose for your life. He will not forsake you!

go before you


Mrs. Luster

Spiritual Attack

trust in lord

It seems as if the moment I decided to fully give my life to Christ is when things got harder and harder. I lost support from certain people, people started saying “you’re different, you’ve changed,” and people started disappearing. I was so confused at first and even questioned myself at times. I didn’t want to be that girl that shoved Jesus in everyone’s face and thought I was “holier than thou.” I didn’t realize it then, but that was just the devil trying his best to throw me off. He doesn’t want me, or any of us to gain a closer relationship with God. It seemed as if the closer I got to God, the harder the devil attacked. The moment you give your life wholeheartedly to God, THINGS WILL CHANGE. The enemy will do everything in his power to steer you from the path that God has chosen for you. If I could be completely honest, things got hard, like really hard. I wanted to give up. I fought with everything to get the devil off my back and it seemed the harder I fought, the stronger he kept coming.

{The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.} John 10:10

What the enemy seemed to forget is that I am a child of God, I belong to Him and Him only. So even when I hit rock bottom and felt like throwing in the towel, God gave me extra strength to fight and keep on fighting. We’re all going to go through different trials and tribulations in our life, but it’s what strengthens our relationship with God and its’ what strengthens us.

One thing that really bothers me is when people put Christianity above God. What do I mean by that? When people are more focused on the religious aspect instead of forming that relationship with God. I can’t tell you how many statuses I see on social media about “Christians” bashing other Christians. Pointing out someone else’s flaws does NOT make you a better person at the end of the day. Jesus himself didn’t do that, so what gives you a right? I’ve learned a long time ago that every one of us have a story. We’ve all been through hurt, heartbreak, feeling lost, alone and so on. It’s so important for us to stop throwing stones at each other and pointing out each other’s flaws and stand together. Now I’m not saying it’s ok to go around cursing, bashing others, going to strip clubs, etc. and then be like “I’m saved, I’m a Christian,” um no, that’s called being a lukewarm Christian and we can’t afford to be that either. We’re all going to fall short, but as long as we’re REALLY trying and giving our hearts to Christ that’s all that matters.

{I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you} Psalm 32:7

This journey I’m on with Christ in such a beautiful one. Whenever I’m feeling broken, lost, or confused, He’s right there beside me. When I cry out to Jesus, he always answers. I’m an imperfect person loving a perfect God, as we all are. I really wanted to encourage someone tonight that may be feeling like they want to give up because they might not be where they want to be financially, they’re single and thought they would be married by a certain age, they’re not making the money they thought they should be making, they lost a loved one, they’re holding on to years of hurt, whatever it is you might be going through just know that Jesus is there with you every step of the way. You’re not alone. Turn off that trash T.V, turn on Christian music, cry out and praise. It’s the best feeling in the world. Let all of that hurt flow out of you and just cry out to the Lord. You’ll feel like a totally new person and like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You’ll feel as if you can conquer anything.

I hope I’ve encouraged someone tonight. Know that you’re not alone and you’re loved. ❤


Mrs. Luster

He’s just not that into you

womans heart

If you have to question if a guy is into you, let me help you out and tell it to you straight…. he’s NOT. That shouldn’t even be a question because a Man doesn’t play games. He doesn’t say things like “you’re prefect, but right now is not a good time for me,” or, “you’re a great woman, I just can’t commit to you right now.” If the guy you’re seeing is saying any of these things to you…. run in the opposite direction and don’t look back.

When you’re with a Godly man, a man that is pursuing God, there won’t be a question of when or what if. He’s waiting for God to bless him with his Queen and if you’re his Queen, he’s not going to pass that up. I can’t tell you how many times I hear girls wonder if the guy they’re seeing really likes them, or better yet… they don’t know where they stand with him. I’ll tell you where you stand…. NOWHERE. Know your worth ladies and know the difference between dating a boy and a man. You see a boy has no clue what he wants. He’s indecisive and the minute something better comes along (or sometimes anything else at all) he goes for it. He’s like a kid in the candy store. He just sees sugar everywhere! But a man knows that there are different types of sugar. Ones that are way too sugary, or some that have a bittersweet taste. He knows there are certain types of candy that have just the right amount of sugar level. Not too sweet, and no too bitter. He knows that if he tries to grab all of the candy, he’ll just end up with a stomachache or a cavity. He knows he can only chose one, and he’s confident in the one he chooses.


I can just imagine the pressure of dating in our time, especially with social media. But a Godly man is going to be more concerned with his walk with Christ, instead of what the world is up to. Now I’m not saying he’s going be to a total nerd, or someone that is holier than thou, but you’ll definitely know the difference between a man and a boy.

I know, I Know… you’re probably thinking Stephanie you’ve only been with Michael how do you know? Well I let God lead me. There was a point where Michael and I broke up for about a year during our dating period, and I did what any girl with a broken heart would do. I tried to cover up my hurt and go on as many dates as I could (or back then “talk” to whoever would give me attention) I was seeking to fill my broken heart with a man and not with God and let me tell you honey I quickly learned that was NOT going to work. I ended up even more upset than I already was. I compared every guy to Michael and none of them even compared. I was broken and seeking a man to fix my broken heart instead of God. I thank God everyday that he snatched me back into HIS world and not a man’s world.

I dropped every random and started reading the Bible more and praying more. I surrendered my all to God. Does that mean I was perfect? Ha no! I was an 18-year-old girl who was so lost, but I knew for a fact I wasn’t going to be able to heal without my Lord and Savior. I needed HIM, not some random guy that just wanted to sleep with me.

I say all of this to say, ladies if you’re waiting on your prince charming…stop! Surrender your all to the Lord. You must first build that relationship with Him to know how to properly love. To know what True love means. And let me also state that not EVERY guy you meet that checks off your “want” list is going to be the one. Not EVERY Christian guy you meet is the one for you. Don’t think the first Christian guy that comes into your life is your husband. Again, when it’s God’s plan… you won’t have to question it, you’ll know. I wasn’t waiting around for Michael to come back into my life. I filled my time with God and I truly trusted that whatever happened was God’s plan, not mine. So if Michael and I never got back together, I knew my husband was out there. I waited for God to reveal that to me. When Michael came back into my life, I gave him such a hard time. I wanted God to speak directly to my heart. After the first conversation we had in almost a year, I instantly knew he was where my heart had been and where it would always be.

Ladies, surrender your all to the one that loves you unconditionally, God.


Mrs. Luster

Keeping up with the Jones’


I recently took a 40 day cleanse from Social media and the main reason why I did this was because I found myself being dependent on social media and not my God. The first thing I did in the morning when I woke up was reach for my phone and instantly go to the Instagram app, and when I was done with that I would head on over to Facebook. I would poison my mind in the morning and it would take away from what I really needed to be doing. Instead I was lurking on social media trying to figure out what everyone else was doing with their life when I should be focused on the one who gave me life.

At first it was innocent, but then I started realizing I would start looking at other peoples lives like man, I want that. She’s doing big things in her ministry I want to do that too, or man she does awesome makeup, I wish I could do makeup like that. Even worse? I depended on social media to check on my loved ones or people that I haven’t spoken to in a while. I’d be like “I wonder how so and so is doing” and then I would go to their profile to see how they’re doing. The problem with that and what so many others do is that instead of picking up the phone to see how someone is doing, I’m going to their social media profile as if that’s really going to tell me how they’re doing. Let’s face it; no one is REALLY going to put how they are doing on social media (well some of ya’ll put too much though lol).

People are going to put happy things, things that make them look like they have it all together. Problem with that is that you’re not fooling anyone but yourself. You want so badly to find approval from people in this world instead of getting approval from the one person that will never let you down, the Lord.

You get a new car and the first thing you do is run and post it to social media instead of praising the one that made it possible for you to get that new car. You get a new house, new job. Etc. and you run to tell the world so you can hear things like “congrats, Great Job,” because you’re trying to keep up with the Jones’. Don’t believe everything you see on social media ya’ll! Everybody is going through something internally and instead of competing with each other on who has the better life; focus on the one who created it. Focus on bringing each other up, not down.

It’s ok to get influenced, just be careful you don’t find an idol in the process. Watch who you follow too, if you’re trying to get closer to the Lord and trying to do better, you probably should not follow the twerk team. I can’t tell you how many times I have to hit the unfollow button on those who post ignorant twerk videos, or those inappropriate memes. I’ll just stop there because I can go on. The other day my husband was on my Instagram on my phone and he said “All I see down your news feed are fitness, makeup, and pastor wives pages,” that made me feel great. It’s ok to get inspired and these are things that inspire me. I just have to be careful not to make these things my idol or become envious.

So instead of grabbing that phone every couple hours, put that phone down (or for me I have to put it on silent or turn it off) and pick up the bible to spend time with God.


Mrs. Luster

My Forever Valentine

This Valentines was the hubs and I 10th Valentines together! Wow, did I just say that? Yep … 10 years of being totally smitten by this guy!


He never ceases to amaze me at how romantic and cute he can be on Valentines Day. I walked into work to a dozen red beautiful roses and balloons at my desk that said, “I love you.”


Little did he know I had a few tricks up my sleeve as well! My husband is usually the one that plans the night and is very good at it too. I decided to take the hubby on a scavenger hunt. It was so adorable because he had no clue. I waited for the perfect moment to slip away. He went to give our Frenchie a bath and as soon as he closed the bathroom door…I jetted to the car to grab the clues and quickly put them in their place. I grabbed my bags and ran out the door.

I left the first clue and a note on our bedroom door that read….

“Happy Valentines Day! Roses are red, violets are blue, you rock my world, and I am CRAZY over you. I decided to do things a little different this year and take you on an adventure my dear. Follow each clue one by one and it will lead you to a surprise when you are done!”


Clue #1 “I’m the luckiest girl to wake up to your sweet face each morning.” Lol he said he was definitely stuck on the first clue … I seriously wish I had recorded him trying to figure out the clues lol.

The last clue told him to meet me at the place where we said “I do” and he found me!!!


He said it was so much fun and he definitely wants to go on another scavenger hunt. I wanted to do something sweet and memorable but also didn’t want to break the bank because we’re currently trying to save for a house. I think it’s safe to say he had a great time and I highly recommend doing a scavenger hunt for your man at some point.

Hope every one had a great Valentines Day!


Mrs. Luster


Hi Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A, I’ve recently been on a health and social media cleanse and it’s been amazing. There’s nothing like taking away distractions and feeding your body, mind and spirit. It felt great to just totally unplug and not worry about the things of this world and spend all my time with JESUS. And for those that have been asking…no, I’m not pregnant…. (yet) HA!

One of the most important things I can do as a wife is be the best wife that I can be and that starts with my spiritual growth. As most of you know my husband has recently gone back to school to become a youth pastor and let me just start by saying WOW! We knew it would be hard, but we had no clue it would be this hard. He’s constantly reading, writing, and studying all while working a full time job. And guess who’s been right there to support him, yep me. I feel like I’ve gone back to school! Ha! I wouldn’t have it any other way and I am so proud of my husband.

Okay enough about me let’s get to the good stuff. I’ve been doing a lot of studying, because let’s face it, if my husband is growing spiritually and I’m just sitting behind a T.V or social media, I’m getting left behind in the dust. I recently picked up a book called “What to do When Love’s in View” by Dr. Conway and Jada Edwards and let me just tell you how amazing this book is! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. This book is a great reminder to myself of how I should be serving my husband.

Now I know I’ve talked about submission before, but this book paints it in such a beautiful way and uses such a beautiful word for it….S.E.R.V.E. We as women were created to S.E.R.V.E our husbands. Now before I dive into what that actually means don’t run away too fast, just listen 😉

  • Support- Women were created from man, to support their man. God says in Genesis 2:18It is not good for man to be alone, I will make companion for him who corresponds to him,” no ladies this does not mean that you were created to be a doormat, but you were created to support your man. My example of this would be how I support my husband’s decision to go back to school. I could easily just leave him alone while he’s studying and do my own thing, but I’m right there with him every step of the way.
  • Empower- Women were created to empower their men, NOT bring them down. Ladies whenever your man does something wrong, do NOT run and tell your girls all about what he doesn’t do for you and how frustrated you are with him. Remember you are one with this man so you’re talking about yourself as well. Lift him up in such a way that no one has anything bad to say about your man.
  • Relate- There are going to be hard times in your marriage (that one is pretty inevitable), but one thing you don’t want to do is fight your husband…instead relate to him. This is a hard one for me because a lot of times when we’re upset I just want to scream and shout and make him see it my way, instead of relating to what he’s going through because like I said before…. we’re ONE. So whatever he’s going through, I’m going through it too and I need to lift him up, encourage him and work through our problems in a way that he can relate to, and not ignore me because I’m just nagging and yelling.
  • Value a Covering- The day my husband and I got married I vowed to accept him as my protector, partner in crime, leader, and so on. I have to value his position to lead his house in a spiritual way. This one was also a very hard one for me to do because I’ve always had this “I’m Latina and I’m independent” persona. That worked when I was single, but now that I’m married I have to trust that my husband will lead our future children and me in the right direction and I can’t underestimate the power of my husband or God… Because let me remind you that your husband should be following the Lord as you are following him.
  • Enhance- When I first think of this word I instantly think of beauty, which is true, you should always want to look beautiful for your man, but this means so much more. Everything should be better because you’re around. You make him a better person, the house looks better when you’re around, the kids look nice, and so on. Everything should be better because of you, because you’re an enhancement not only in his life, but also everything around you.

Well Ladies I hope I encouraged you all with my post. I’ve missed ya’ll and I’m glad to be back!


Mrs. Luster

It’s A New Year!


First of all I would like to give a HUGE shout out to my sister Samantha (@saflanthaphotography) for these amazing pictures! It’s fun having a sister who takes awesome photographs!


This past year has been eventful to say the least. The Lord has tested me in more ways than I could ever imagine. As I look back at it all I know every test the Lord put me through was worth it.


Starting this blog I had no idea what I was doing or if it was even going to make a difference, boy was I wrong. I’ve had so many beautiful souls reach out to me telling me how much my blog has helped them, or how they were going through some of the exact things I was going through. Moments like those are what kept me going on days I felt like giving up. Just knowing that people can relate and that I’m giving someone hope, makes it all worth it.

This year was definitely all about growth and one of the main things I learned is that just because you’re a Christian, doesn’t mean you’re a doormat. I would allow people to treat me however and then in my mind say “Stephanie, let it go you’re a Christian. You’re supposed to love them anyways.” Which might I add that is very true, but I needed to learn to love people from a distance. I don’t know about you, but I felt like I had to help every body and their mama when it came to salvation. The truth is I’m not God and He’s the only one that can truly save you. God kept trying to get my attention with that one all year and I finally understand it.


I definitely learned a lot about being a better wife and I’m definitely still learning how to be the best wife I can be. Submission has gotten a lot easier, although I will say I still struggle with that from time to time (and my hubby corrects it REAL quick lol). I learned how to better balance my time with God, friends, family, and still put my husband first. I learned REAL quick that if I try to put off my time with God, I get uneasy and become easily irritable. There’s just something about the presence of the Lord and truly spending time with Him! Nothing else can ever compare.


The year came to a close with the hubby and I spending it with the entire family in NYC. My heart was beyond full to have everyone I love most all together spending quality time. It was my in-laws very first time in the Big Apple and it was so fun to see them really enjoying themselves. Although one of the days we were there it was snowing and I don’t think us Texans were ready for all that LOL.


I feel incredibly blessed that our families are so close and I don’t take it for granted. I hope it lasts forever, even when we have children and when both of our sisters get married. Family is extremely important to me and keeping us close is a must!


I hope you had a year of growth and I can’t wait to continue growing with you all! Thank you all for your support, ya’ll are AMAZING!


Mrs. Luster



We’re all broken and every single person on this earth has a story. Sometimes the hardest part about life is letting God write your story. We try so hard to write our own stories and for some of us, we die STILL trying to write our own stories. No one is perfect. We all have flaws and we’ve all been burned by the things of this world, the devil…but what I love about God is that through it all, he ALWAYS knows when to show up and show OUT. I would be a total wreck if it weren’t for my God. I wouldn’t be the Stephanie I am today if it weren’t for his grace and mercy. There’s nothing you can do that God won’t forgive you for. He’s your father and he loves you. I don’t know about you, but I can just imagine the love my heavenly father has for me, because my earthly father shows me so much love. There’s nothing I can’t do that my earthly father won’t forgive me of. He tells me all the time “you’ll always be my baby,” and as a married almost 25-year-old woman, that still stands true!

{Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you hope and a future.”}

 restoraion 2

Like so many other people, there are many things I’m not proud of. There are several decisions that I made based on my flesh rather than praying about it and listening to what God is trying to tell me. It took going through a really hard break up for the Lord to pull me back in, and even then I still didn’t completely rely on the Lord to fix my problems. I’m human so I still struggle with giving God all of my problems, but when I start to feel uneasy or easily angered, I know it’s God tugging at my heart to run into his arms and let him handle it for me.

resoration 3

The other night I was watching “Iyanla, Fix My Life,” with my mother in love and husband and when I tell you I cried my eyes out, I cried my eyes out. I was trying so hard not to do one of those ugly cries (still had to keep it cute in front of my in law lol). It was based off of a man that fathered 34 kids. Right off the bat I looked at the T.V like “34 kids?!!! This man is crazy,” but as I heard his story, as well as other men that were on the show, I began to change my perception. Like so many people, these men endured a lot in their life. No father around, drugs, suicide and so on… and what really tugged at my heart was their emotion and I could just feel their pain. They did what any normal person would do at first…try to burry the hurt. They buried their hurt with sex…. lots of it, and because of that, they now brought so many kids into this world that will have issues themselves. I talked about this in another blog, but this is called a generational curse. They let their situation with their fathers pour into their children’s lives and because of that it will pour into their future grandchildren’s lives. The cycle will continue unless someone breaks the chain. Someone has to pray and ask for forgiveness. We all make mistakes, but we have to STOP trying to fix our problems with things of this world. So you came up from a messed up family…your father wasn’t around and you fought with your mother all the time…stop the generational curses and make a change. Pray for your family and for forgiveness on their behalf.

Ladies we also have to STOP blaming the men and blaming society. Is it wrong that society puts so much pressure on women to close their legs and for men it’s totally fine, YES…but that doesn’t mean go out and open your legs to prove a point. That’s not how it is in the bible and it’s NOT going to make you happy. A man sleeping around isn’t praised in the bible either. A man is supposed to submit unto the Lord. Him sleeping around with all these different women and calling them out of their name is NOT a man of God.

I feel incredibly blessed to have found a man of God at such a young age, one that I gave myself to and ended up marrying. I realize that not every one is going to have the same story. For my ladies that are feeling guilty for giving themselves away…DON’T. We all make mistakes, but the beauty is that we learn from that. The man God has for you will be broken as well, only difference is he used God to repair him.

So whatever it is you’re going through, let God put your pieces back together, don’t try and put them back together yourself.


Mrs. Luster

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary



I seriously can’t believe how incredibly fast this year has gone by. One year of marriage down already! It seems like it was just yesterday he popped the question and wedding planning started. I can still remember the excitement of that day like no other. It was like being on cloud nine and nothing else mattered except the fact that I was about to marry the man of my dreams.



Let me start by saying that when people say this will be one of the best days of your life…they weren’t kidding. It was like something out of a movie. I thought I was going to turn into bridezilla, but I just remember waking up feeling so calm and so incredibly blessed. It’s an amazing feeling. All the stress and drama that comes with planning a wedding did NOT matter that day. All the stress that we went through planning the wedding was SOOOO worth the wedding. I remember us thinking about planning a destination wedding at one point just because we didn’t want to go through the drama and stress of planning a wedding. I’m SOO happy we decided to have a wedding where all of our friends and family could attend.


Walking down the aisle I tried not to loose it. I kept telling myself “please don’t do an ugly cry, please don’t do an ugly cry,” the whole entire time walking down the aisle. When those doors open and you see the man God has destined you to be with, you’re filled with so many emotions that you just want to scream, shout, and cry out “Thank you God!” I cried, but I tried to take deep breaths so I wouldn’t ruin my makeup and have to look at pictures of me doing the ugly cry for many years to come lol. My husband said when the doors opened and he saw me for the first time. I took his breath away…aww. He said he almost broke out in the ugliest man cry of all time. I could tell I took his breath away because I could see him taking deep breaths and trying not to loose it. I kind of wish we both would have lost it lol; those would’ve been some awesome pics huh? Ha!


Everything about that day was beyond prefect. If things didn’t go as planned I didn’t know about it, nor did I care because to me, everything was how it was supposed to be.ms70



I really wanted to take it all in because I knew the night would flash by, and boy it did! Before the reception started, my husband and I snuck off to go see the reception room before all the guests entered. Our jaws dropped and we were in complete awe. Everyone worked so hard to pull that day together for us and we will forever be grateful. That day couldn’t have been so perfect without them! I want to take this time to thank EVERYONE who helped in some way, shape, or form to pull that day together for us. I know there’s just TOO many to name so thank you All.



bridesparty 2

The reception was beautiful and FUN! When I say our family knows how to party and have a good time, they know how to PARTY and have a GOOD time! I’m 100% Latina, so to see his family out there dancing salsa was the best thing ever! Everyone had such a great time! At one point we all did a conga line around the whole ballroom and even took it out to the lobby area of the hotel. That got the attention of some people and we ended up having some wedding crashers at our wedding! Ha! It made for a great wedding story and they were so fun that we didn’t mind at all. I remember one of the wedding crashers yelling out “this is seriously the best wedding reception I have ever been to, you all know how to have a good time!”


When the night finally came to an end we were so sad. We definitely didn’t want the night to end. If I could re-live any day of my life, this would definitely be it.

For those planning a wedding and going through the stress that comes with it… it will ALL be worth it in the end. Yes we stressed out, had fights with friends including bridesmaids and groomsmen, had some people get mad because we decided no to have any children at the wedding, but at the end of the day NONE of that mattered and everyone came together to help us celebrate our day! So cheer up, you’re about to embark on an amazing journey with your soon to be spouse! Congrats you love birds and may God bless your marriage.

To my amazing God-fearing husband, Happy anniversary baby! One down, forever more to go!!!!!!


Mrs. Luster