When Anxiety Attacks


Hi Everyone!

I wanted to update everyone on what I’ve been dealing with and after talking with several different people (strangers, family members, and friends) I realized I wasn’t alone on this journey of anxiety and panic. It’s something that a lot of people deal with (yes even Christians) and yet not a lot of people talk about. It’s been super rough, but with God anything is possible.

Let’s face it we all have anxiety! Some more than others, but we all experience some level of anxiety. It’s natural, but what isn’t natural is constantly worrying, or like I did…push my feelings so far back that it was let out in a nasty and vicious way. First the panic attacks happened, and then depression set in because I couldn’t get “rid” of the anxiety and panic attacks which led to a vicious cycle. I’m happy to say that I have made it to the other side and you can too! Don’t let your circumstances or anyone else tell you that you can’t take your life back! The enemy wants to see you fail so badly, and he definitely wanted to see me fail. With time and lots of prayer, I have overcome fear! Does that mean fear won’t try to come back? No not at all, I’d be silly to say that. But when fear does try and come back, the key is to not entertain it. We all go through difficult things in our life, but God is always in control.

I pray this video helps and encourages someone out there that may be feeling hopeless. Don’t be afraid to get professional help, pray, but most importantly don’t be afraid of the enemy!


Mrs. Luster