Here is our Q&A video of our first year of marriage!!!! Thank you soo much to everyone that sent in their questions!!! We love and appreciate each and every one of you! Tell us what you think 🙂 Hope you enjoy watching our video!


Mr. & Mrs. Luster

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  1. What type of books would you suggest for a husband and wife? Or individually? Especially about being the leader of the home. Thanks 🙂

    1. I’ve been hearing A LOT about “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. It’s been on my list of books to read! I know “The power of a praying wife” was a really good book for me to read as a wife. It helped me out a lot. My husband was reading a book by T.D Jakes called “Loose that Man and Let Him Go,” that one would be a great read for your husband. It’s about being the leader of the home 🙂 Hope that helps beautiful!

  2. Steph, that was a very nice video that you and Antwan did after 1 year of marriage. Just hold on to your every word. One thing you said I do realize from my own marriage was that we didn’t have God front and center in our lives. That does make a difference. I was married for thirty years and never realize how important that was. So to you and your husband, always remember where you are and never forget where you came from. It took me a life long marriage to understand the words from an old song: ” I found love on a two way street, and I lost it on a lonely highway”. We found love with each other, two people traveling in the same direction as one, but we lost that and each other, and ended up on a lonely highway traveling all alone with no direction.Life sometime have detours and side street that are waiting on you to make that one wrong turn and change your whole course sending you to that lonely dead end street. But you two have some very good role models in your life, Mike and Boosy(Cassandra), they are great examples of what a good marriage can be. Best Wishes to you both and have a wonderful life. Your ex-cousin in-law

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