Our 1st Wedding Anniversary



I seriously can’t believe how incredibly fast this year has gone by. One year of marriage down already! It seems like it was just yesterday he popped the question and wedding planning started. I can still remember the excitement of that day like no other. It was like being on cloud nine and nothing else mattered except the fact that I was about to marry the man of my dreams.



Let me start by saying that when people say this will be one of the best days of your life…they weren’t kidding. It was like something out of a movie. I thought I was going to turn into bridezilla, but I just remember waking up feeling so calm and so incredibly blessed. It’s an amazing feeling. All the stress and drama that comes with planning a wedding did NOT matter that day. All the stress that we went through planning the wedding was SOOOO worth the wedding. I remember us thinking about planning a destination wedding at one point just because we didn’t want to go through the drama and stress of planning a wedding. I’m SOO happy we decided to have a wedding where all of our friends and family could attend.


Walking down the aisle I tried not to loose it. I kept telling myself “please don’t do an ugly cry, please don’t do an ugly cry,” the whole entire time walking down the aisle. When those doors open and you see the man God has destined you to be with, you’re filled with so many emotions that you just want to scream, shout, and cry out “Thank you God!” I cried, but I tried to take deep breaths so I wouldn’t ruin my makeup and have to look at pictures of me doing the ugly cry for many years to come lol. My husband said when the doors opened and he saw me for the first time. I took his breath away…aww. He said he almost broke out in the ugliest man cry of all time. I could tell I took his breath away because I could see him taking deep breaths and trying not to loose it. I kind of wish we both would have lost it lol; those would’ve been some awesome pics huh? Ha!


Everything about that day was beyond prefect. If things didn’t go as planned I didn’t know about it, nor did I care because to me, everything was how it was supposed to be.ms70



I really wanted to take it all in because I knew the night would flash by, and boy it did! Before the reception started, my husband and I snuck off to go see the reception room before all the guests entered. Our jaws dropped and we were in complete awe. Everyone worked so hard to pull that day together for us and we will forever be grateful. That day couldn’t have been so perfect without them! I want to take this time to thank EVERYONE who helped in some way, shape, or form to pull that day together for us. I know there’s just TOO many to name so thank you All.



bridesparty 2

The reception was beautiful and FUN! When I say our family knows how to party and have a good time, they know how to PARTY and have a GOOD time! I’m 100% Latina, so to see his family out there dancing salsa was the best thing ever! Everyone had such a great time! At one point we all did a conga line around the whole ballroom and even took it out to the lobby area of the hotel. That got the attention of some people and we ended up having some wedding crashers at our wedding! Ha! It made for a great wedding story and they were so fun that we didn’t mind at all. I remember one of the wedding crashers yelling out “this is seriously the best wedding reception I have ever been to, you all know how to have a good time!”


When the night finally came to an end we were so sad. We definitely didn’t want the night to end. If I could re-live any day of my life, this would definitely be it.

For those planning a wedding and going through the stress that comes with it… it will ALL be worth it in the end. Yes we stressed out, had fights with friends including bridesmaids and groomsmen, had some people get mad because we decided no to have any children at the wedding, but at the end of the day NONE of that mattered and everyone came together to help us celebrate our day! So cheer up, you’re about to embark on an amazing journey with your soon to be spouse! Congrats you love birds and may God bless your marriage.

To my amazing God-fearing husband, Happy anniversary baby! One down, forever more to go!!!!!!


Mrs. Luster




One of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with after getting married, is to learn to stop being the “yes” girl to other people. When friends would call, family members, etc. would call I used to always say yes to whatever it is they wanted. Most of the time it was yes to them and no to my husband. I didn’t want to be “that” girl that was always too busy to hang out with her loved ones or friends because she was too busy hanging with her man. Then it got the point where I was saying yes so much that if I said no, there was a problem. All of a sudden it went from “thanks for always being there for me,” to “you’ve changed now that you’re married,” or people would ignore me or not call me anymore. It would tear me apart. I didn’t think that getting married would cause so many of my relationships with other people to change. I didn’t know that putting my marriage first would cause others to flee from my life. Then something happened. I made a decision that as long as my household was taken care of, meaning the relationship I have with my husband and the Lord was put first, then everything else didn’t matter. I needed to stop worrying about things that God was already busy taking care of. I needed to focus on my marriage because being the “yes” girl was causing me to ignore my husbands needs and wants without me even realizing it.


“Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Genesis 2:25


This is does NOT mean forget your mother and father and ONLY love your spouse. I will always love and honor my mother and father. That’s a bond that will NEVER be broken. However, in this verse God reminds us that when we get married, we become ONE with our husband and I was still acting like we were two different people. I would make decisions about our weekend plans without even consulting with my husband. It was all about what “Stephanie” wanted to do and he just had to go along with it. My husband and I began fighting a lot more and becoming irritated with one another. He would tell me he wanted to spend time with me, but in my mind we spent EVERY DAY together so what was the big deal if I wanted to hang out with my friends? You see that wasn’t a problem at all, it was just that I wasn’t consulting with him and more like telling him these are our weekend plans. Now, you may be looking at this screen like Steph, I was with you until you made it sound like you had to get “permission” from your husband to go out. WRONG. Let me paint it a different way. If my husband were to go make plans every single weekend without me even having a say so, how would that make me feel? If my husband was saying yes to everyone else and their plans, but no to OUR plans, how would that make me feel? Now this doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy spending time with friends or family because him and I both ADORE family time. We both have a very strong bond with our siblings and parents and we’d do anything for them. This just means that we need to learn how to balance it out.


My husband and I had an argument the other night. It went from something small, to something huge. I did what any emotional woman would do. I went off. I told him that we were going to do what I WANTED and not what HE wanted to do and stormed off. I’m not perfect and sometimes I let emotions get the best of me. As I walked off I knew I was wrong instantly, but pride got the best of me. I got in the shower and proceeded to go about my business. My husband wasn’t about to let me storm off and leave it at that. He walked into the bathroom, opened the shower, turned off the shower, and handed me a towel so that we could find a resolution to what just happened. Then a sense of calmness took over after I looked into his eyes and realized how much I hurt him. I’m supposed to be a Godly wife, I’m supposed to be his rib, the one who honors, loves, and respects him. How could I let my emotions get the best of me AGAIN? How could I be so selfish? Want to know why? Because I wasn’t putting US in our plans, I was putting ME in the plans. When you try to go against your husband and let your emotions take over, it never ends well. We both calmed down and both came to the realization that we need a healthy balance. Too much time spent with friends and family or too much time spent with just each other is not healthy. It’s ok to spend time with friends and family and with each other, there just has to be a good balance. But hey, we’ve only been married for almost a year now so everything won’t be perfect. As long as we keep praying and making sure to put our marriage and the Lord first, we’ll be just fine!

For my ladies that are dealing with letting your emotions go once you get married … it’s okay. You’ll mess up and not get things right the first time. You’ll worry about everything else BUT your husband. You’ll get mad at the little things and storm off. Like me, you’re only human at the end of the day. Just as long as you pray and NEVER go to bed angry with your spouse and really learn from your mistakes…you’ll be just fine baby girl!



Mrs. Luster