It’s A New Year!


First of all I would like to give a HUGE shout out to my sister Samantha (@saflanthaphotography) for these amazing pictures! It’s fun having a sister who takes awesome photographs!


This past year has been eventful to say the least. The Lord has tested me in more ways than I could ever imagine. As I look back at it all I know every test the Lord put me through was worth it.


Starting this blog I had no idea what I was doing or if it was even going to make a difference, boy was I wrong. I’ve had so many beautiful souls reach out to me telling me how much my blog has helped them, or how they were going through some of the exact things I was going through. Moments like those are what kept me going on days I felt like giving up. Just knowing that people can relate and that I’m giving someone hope, makes it all worth it.

This year was definitely all about growth and one of the main things I learned is that just because you’re a Christian, doesn’t mean you’re a doormat. I would allow people to treat me however and then in my mind say “Stephanie, let it go you’re a Christian. You’re supposed to love them anyways.” Which might I add that is very true, but I needed to learn to love people from a distance. I don’t know about you, but I felt like I had to help every body and their mama when it came to salvation. The truth is I’m not God and He’s the only one that can truly save you. God kept trying to get my attention with that one all year and I finally understand it.


I definitely learned a lot about being a better wife and I’m definitely still learning how to be the best wife I can be. Submission has gotten a lot easier, although I will say I still struggle with that from time to time (and my hubby corrects it REAL quick lol). I learned how to better balance my time with God, friends, family, and still put my husband first. I learned REAL quick that if I try to put off my time with God, I get uneasy and become easily irritable. There’s just something about the presence of the Lord and truly spending time with Him! Nothing else can ever compare.


The year came to a close with the hubby and I spending it with the entire family in NYC. My heart was beyond full to have everyone I love most all together spending quality time. It was my in-laws very first time in the Big Apple and it was so fun to see them really enjoying themselves. Although one of the days we were there it was snowing and I don’t think us Texans were ready for all that LOL.


I feel incredibly blessed that our families are so close and I don’t take it for granted. I hope it lasts forever, even when we have children and when both of our sisters get married. Family is extremely important to me and keeping us close is a must!


I hope you had a year of growth and I can’t wait to continue growing with you all! Thank you all for your support, ya’ll are AMAZING!


Mrs. Luster

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