There’s a difference

From the time we’re little girls, we’re taught that the ultimate prize is to get married. We’re given Barbie’s to play with and you couldn’t have a Barbie without Ken, the house, and of course the kids…. but too many girls focus on one thing and one thing only, THE MAN. So much, that they begin to act like wives before they even have a ring on it. Let me elaborate on what I mean by that, I mean moving in together, having sex, having children, and acting like one big happy family. There’s just one very important thing that’s missing…. God.

How can we call ourselves women or men of God, yet we don’t use him as the foundation of our life? How can we go to church and praise him and ask for his blessings, yet we’re telling him we don’t need him. This goes for men too, how can you be a leader of your household when you’re not preparing yourself to be a good husband? You’re moving your girlfriend in, but you won’t put a ring on it. You’re allowing her to act like your wife, but you won’t act like her husband…and what I mean by that is to lead her spiritually, respect her body, mind, and soul…to commit to her before the Lord…and for some, commit to her and her ONLY.

I’m not perfect and I know people make poor decisions, but this is your chance to get it RIGHT. I can’t tell you how many times I hear the saying “how do you know if you want to buy it, if you don’t test drive it first?” Attention people, YOU ARE NOT BUYING A CAR, you’re committing yourself to your new husband/wife before the Lord. When I hear people say this, I hear “I’m not ready to FULLY commit, so I’ll just test it out to see how it works, and MAYBE I’ll commit.” You don’t need to move in with someone to figure out what you already know deep down inside. You know you’re not ready but instead you move him/her in and start acting like a married couple. You have sex every night, cook dinner for each other, and you even call each other “wifey” and “hubby,” but what happens when marriage problems start happening? What happens when things get real after you two have kids together, when they start getting on your nerves, when he/she doesn’t want to spend all their time with you anymore, or worse…. when you find out they’re occupying their time with someone else? Now you move out with your kids and they become your “baby daddy” or “baby mama.” Resentment kicks in and now you start calling your “baby mama” or “baby daddy” crazy.  Marriage is hard work and if you’re not ready for it, then don’t act like it. The difference between being single and having these issues and being married and having these issues is the commitment to God. When you’re married and things get tough, you don’t have that luxury of just walking away (which is why I will say it again, too many people are afraid of commitment). Marriage is hard work, but together with God as the leader your marriage is Fireproof. 



Mrs. Luster




4 thoughts on “There’s a difference”

  1. Can you just write a book already please?! This blog is so relate able to my relationship, the good and the bad! We have a lot of the same views on marriage and relationships. Keep it up girl!

  2. Why am I just now discovering your blog… Your words are amazing!!! So real and inspirational. Always admired you and Mikes relationship so sweet. I look forward to more posts. 🙂

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