Letting go is never easy to do




Break-ups are never easy. I remember our break-up like it was yesterday. It’s something that sticks with you and something that a lot women try to avoid, but it’s not avoidable. At some point in your life you’re going to get your heart broken..no matter how FINE you think you are lol. How you react and what decisions you make during that time will impact your life forever.

You have some women that say “I don’t need him, I’m going to put on my sexy dress and turn heads tonight!” Yeah bad idea. Sure, you may get your confidence back…but for all the wrong reasons and it’s only a temporary fix. You’re using your body to get attention and let’s be honest, men will be men and they will try to spit game to anything wearing a half naked outfit. 

Then you have some women that before they can hang up the phone with one dude, they’re on to the next. Again, BAD idea. Sure, you’ll have another guy to fill that void TEMPORARILY. You’re only covering up the pain for the moment, but eventually the pain will come back. I can’t tell you how many times I see this on a daily basis. Not only is it a bad look, but it also makes you look dependent on a man. 

Then you have some women giving up on love because they’re tired of getting their heart broken. All of these bad decisions I too made during our break-up. I had just turned 18 and thought to myself “I’m a beautiful girl, I can get any man,” but what I failed to realize was that the one man I needed in my life (besides my dad) was JESUS CHRIST. The person that needed fixing is YOU, and the only person to help you is God. 

God spoke to me one day at the right time during one of the darkest times of my life. A family member was in the hospital sick and my family and I went to visit. My cousin Joey wanted to go visit the chapel that was inside the hospital so I went with him. We walked in and it was the first time in months that I felt peace. I can’t even tell you where my cousin went or if he was even in the room because what happened next was something out of a movie. I sat down, opened the bible and the first passage that popped up was Psalms and it was talking about love. Please forgive me because I don’t remember the exact passage but it was EXACTLY what I was going through and exactly what I needed to hear. To sum it up it basically talked about letting go and letting GOD. I knew that in that moment it wasn’t a coincidence that I walked into that chapel, and it wasn’t a coincidence that as soon as I opened the bible, it talked about everything I was feeling at the moment and how to trust that GOD will be there for me. I sat there in complete awe. I knew that God was talking to me and at that moment I cried and prayed and put all of my worries to God. From that day on I was at peace. I was no longer angry with Mike, I no longer had a desire to occupy my time with boys that I knew were not Godly men, I no longer wanted to go out clubbing. I started reading the bible more and filling my heart with God’s love, instead of a man’s love. I knew that if Michael were the man intended to be my husband, he would be. Needless to say more than 6 years later we’re happily married. Looking back I realized that I NEEDED that break-up more than ever. I needed to grow and I couldn’t do that with Michael by my side. I needed to put all of my worries unto the Lord to know that whatever I’m going through he will get me through it.

So to my ladies that are going through a bad and hurtful break-up….this is your time for growth. This is your time to get closer to God and to grow with him by your side (and his time too). I pray that he eases your pain and gives you strength to come out a better woman. In Jesus name AMEN. ❤



Mrs. Luster


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