A woman should know her worth



A woman should always strive to be the best that she can be. She should be classy, speak positively, work hard, and most importantly build that relationship with God. It makes me so sad that every time I log on social media, I see a woman talking down on their baby daddy, airing out their dirty laundry on social media, talking down on their significant other just because their mad at the moment, posting unlimited club pictures with their breasts taking over half of the picture, and let’s not forget the statuses about how every guy is the SAME, and that they’re done with dating. ATTENTION ladies you CANNOT ask for a Godly man, or a good man, when you don’t have respect for yourself, and you’re not a Godly woman yourself! How can a man respect you if you can’t even respect yourself? What you put out, is what you’ll get in return. You can’t expect a good man to come knocking on your door when every other photo you post is you out at the club with a drink in your hand. It’s NOT going to happen because while you’re out at the club, that good man that you’re asking for is at home spending time with family and getting closer to God.


I recently came across an article comparing a women’s role in T.V from back in the day, to now. For example “Clair Huxtable,” a classy family woman that was a dedicated wife and mother. To now, women like Gabrielle Union’s character in “Mary Jane,” or Olivia Pope in scandal. The definition of a sideline, a forever girlfriend, a home wrecker, a classless woman. Is this where society is headed? Where being the sideline is okay, and where sleeping with another woman’s husband isn’t that big of a big deal? I would hope not, but it seems as though there are more “baby mommas” than there are “wives.” Ladies we HAVE to do better. So you made bad decisions in life, we ALL do. Let’s do different, let’s be different. You can’t keep going after the same type of guys and putting yourself in the same type of situation. DO NOT SETTLE AND KNOW YOUR WORTH. You deserve to be with someone who brings out the best in you, a man that respects you, a man that loves you, a man that presents you without flaws or wrinkles. You know deep down inside that he’s NONE of that but yet you stay with him because he PUTS it down in the bedroom, he’s incredibly handsome, he buys you nice things from time to time, he’s good to you when he wants to, or the most common reason you keep him around….you’re not lonely anymore! Well ALL of that means YOU HAVE NO SELF WORTH so how can you expect a man to treat you worthy? 

We have all made mistakes as humans, but it’s time to CHANGE. It’s time to be the Godly woman you yearn to be. It’s time to be a role model to young girls everywhere. It’s time to be a virtuous woman!


Mrs. Luster

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