The engagement

It feels like it was yesterday when Michael popped the big question! It’s something I’ll never forget and one of the BEST days of my life (next to the wedding of course!) It’s seriously an indescribable feeling. I literally felt like I was on cloud nine. It felt like a moment out of a movie, where everything else around me was moving in slow motion and I all could see was Mike getting down on one knee. My heart was filled with so much joy that I could hardly contain myself!

Mike and I always talked about marriage, but with me moving away to Oklahoma to start my journey as a news reporter….I thought it would take a little longer. Shortly after the engagement came the “Oh no what about my job” moment. I put a deposit down on an apartment in Oklahoma and I was moving in exactly one month! I was crushed. I felt like I had everything I’d ever wanted, but now I had to choose between my career and my man. I didn’t want to give up my career AT all, but I know I wanted to be my man’s side as we planned our life together too. We agreed that I was still going to move to Oklahoma and start my career and we’d work it out like we always did, but that didn’t settle well with me. I had nightmares about missing my wedding, us breaking up, something terrible happening to me while I was away in a town that I knew NOTHING about. Then the big decision came….us moving in together.

Everything happened so fast that we didn’t really have time to process ANYTHING. I cancelled the deposit for my apartment in Oklahoma, and we decided to move to Sanger, Tx. It was the middle point for both of our jobs. I would drive an hour to Oklahoma, and he would drive an hour to Addison EVERYDAY for nearly a year. We were in our apartment for about a month, but for some reason it just didn’t feel right. We were living together BEFORE marriage. How could we ask for God’s blessing in our marriage based off of lust and sin? So…….We decided to do it God’s way and get married. February 15th, 2013 was the day I OFFICIALLY became Mrs. Luster.

My father-in-law married us in the living room of my parent’s house. Only our immediate family members were in attendance. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. Not only because I became Mrs. Luster, but to have my father-in-law officially marry us, is just AMAZING. We decided not to tell anyone because I still wanted my wedding day to be special, and well simply because it was OUR decision. I also did NOT want to hear “Girl why didn’t you guys just wait until your wedding day to get married?”

It was the BEST decision ever! To know that we did it the right way, and that we’re still doing things the right way is just an awesome feeling. It feels amazing to be married with the blessing of Christ. I feel like our marriage is fireproof at this point. If we ALWAYS remember to keep Christ first, we’ll be just fine! It’s something I wish for every woman. Get to know Christ and let HIM choose the man for you! ❀

Mrs. Luster

3 thoughts on “The engagement”

  1. Omgeeeee how beautiful! I love how you focus on God before and during your marriage it’s very important. I don’t think a lot of young couples realize how important a solid foundation is and without God as the foundation everything up top will crumble! This is something I constantly focus on in my relationship, though marriage is the ultimate goal I constantly seek God to make sure this relationship was sent from Him.

    1. Thanks doll! Yes, I always try to keep God first, we both do when it comes to our marriage! It’s so important and such a key factor in a healthy happy marriage πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the support!!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome! I truly do admire you for doing it the right way. It can be discouraging at times with all the pressures around us, but this just goes to show that it’s well worth it in the end! Thank you!!!

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