A couple that travels together, stays together!





It is so important for a husband and wife to travel as much as they can. It’s a time for the both of you to relax, get away, and most importantly spend time with JUST each other. Mike and I spent the weekend in Florida and It couldn’t have been more amazing. I felt like a teen in love all over again. We spent time at the beach walking, laughing, and really just enjoying each other’s company. There was several people around us, but it felt like it was just the two of us. 

I can’t express enough how  amazing it feels to be married to a man of God. One that protects me, nurtures me, loves me, and most importantly a man that makes me want to become a better wife! I can’t tell you how many times Mike and I get asked, “when are the babies coming?” Trust me…baby fever is in FULL effect, but right now we really just want to enjoy being married and taking as many trips as we can. Yes, we talk about children ALL the time, but we both agreed that we have plenty of time to have children. It’s important to take care of your marriage first. As a young girl I always heard older women say “When you get married, enjoy being married first before you decide to have children,” and that’s exactly what I plan to do. 

Here’s to many more trips with the love of my life!!!!!!! 



Mrs. Luster












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