Baby Girl’s Nursery

We are SOOOOOO ready to meet our princess. On this incredible journey to parenthood though we’ve learned that everything is all in God’s timing and we need to be patient. (But if she comes now that would totally make our day, just saying lol)

Way before finding out we were pregnant, I pretty much had her room planned out lol! I knew her room would be totally girly and I just love the way it came out!

We had so much help from our loved ones in helping to decorate her room! Hubby and my father in love built her crib, rocking chair, changing table, and hung everything up for us.

My mother in love was the master mind behind the decor and where exactly to place everything.

My mom, sisters, and sister in love helped me organize everything in baby girls room (and my sister in love made this beautiful sign for baby girls room.)

This picture could not have fit more perfectly into her room. She is definitely worth the wait! Although I would never want to go through what I went through, it brought me to her! I love my baby girl soooo much already. She’s going to get annoyed with me because I’m going to shower her with daily kisses. 🙂

Hope y’all liked her room as much as we did! Thanks for all the love & support you all have given us! It’s definitely helped us in the most difficult times.


Mrs. Luster 

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