Generation curse or Generational Blessing…. You decide!


We’d all like to think that we come from a perfect home with no family secrets or family drama, but the truth is just about every one has some sort of family drama or some serious underlying issues. There are two things you can pass down to your kids: Generational curses or generational blessings. Take a dead-beat father for insistence. One who only took part in making a child, but failed to be there for their child’s greatest moments in life guiding them or supporting their biggest decisions…or how about a single mother that brought men in and out of her children’s lives and was more concerned with finding a husband rather than finding stability for her children. You swore you’d never make the same mistakes your father or mother made…yet you find yourself unknowingly in the exact positions as them and before you know it the cycle keeps going leading to a generational curse.

Someone has to put an end to the generational curse, and it can start with you. Don’t make the same mistakes your parents made or family members made. Don’t date that man/woman if they don’t bring out the best for you and inspire you to be a better man/woman just because you don’t want to be alone…that’s how generational curses continue leading to years of suffering and frustration. Make a change; aspire to want to have a healthy home with a God-fearing Husband or Wife. Start planting generational blessings for you, your kids and their future children.


So before you think you’re ready to tie the knot, make sure the person you’re marrying shares your love for the Lord, you’re compatible with, inspires you, respects you, loves you, and most importantly…they’ll help create a generational blessing



Mrs. Luster

4 thoughts on “Generation curse or Generational Blessing…. You decide!”

  1. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I
    stumbleupon everyday. It’s always interesting to read through articles from other authors and practice a little something from other websites.

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