Let Go, Let God



Too many times we hear the saying “Let go, and let God,” but how many of us Christians actually listen? Whether it’s a situation with your spouse, ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend, friend, family member, etc. Sometimes letting go and letting God is the ONLY way to get through what you’re going through. 

You found yourself broken hearted and you don’t know what went wrong in the relationship, LET GO AND LET GOD. If he can’t see your worth, there’s NOTHING you can do to make a man love you. Instead it’s easier to curse him out, make yourself bitter (especially if he already has a new girlfriend), stalk his social media and his every move, and argue with him about why you two are not together. What would happen if you just let go and let God? I’ll tell you what; ALL your worries will go away. Instead we tend to worry that if you ignore him/her or back off they’ll forget about you? If he/she loves you they’ll be back. God didn’t forget about you, so don’t forget about God. Take this time to build that intimacy with the Lord and to make yourself a stronger person.

So you find yourself in a nasty argument with your family member or a very close friend, LET GO AND LET GOD. People deal with situations differently and just as you think God is working on them, he’s working on YOU too. Instead it’s easier to talk about them and say hurtful things to each other or about each other. Don’t let emotions speak for your temporary feelings. Deep down you know you love them, and not ALL separation is bad. This goes for break-ups as well. I’ve said it before in a previous blog but it was placed on my heart to say it again. LET GO AND LET GOD, God forgave you, so why not forgive them?


Mrs. Luster

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