Single life is actually the preferred life

Mike and I recently visited a church in Plano and the pastor spoke on single life. He started out by saying “single life is the preferred life.” When this man said this I was so confused. I was thinking to myself “you mean being single is better than being married?” I was ready to just walk out of the church at this point, but as he kept on , it made complete sense! When you’re single, you have more time to devote yourself to the Lord and “HIS” plan, not “YOUR” plan. He compared single life to Jesus’ life. When Jesus came and left this earth, he was single. So for singles to think they have bad because they don’t have anyone to cuddle with at night, well they’re saying Jesus was a lame too! Then he broke down single life (the way women view it ) into two categories.

The woman that has the OVER desire to get married:

You have some woman that ALL they think about is getting married. They have their wedding dress already picked out, they know what kind of flowers they want, what dress they’ll be wearing, even down to the exact  ring they want (I was guilty of this too). They pray to God for their prince charming and they think that every man that walks into their life is “the one,” only to get disappointed and find out he was far from it.

The woman that has the UNDER desire to get married: 

Then you have some women that swear they’ll never get married and that their done with men because they’ve been hurt way too man times. They’re bitter towards love and hate seeing happy couples. They think all men are dogs, liars, and cheaters. They put up this tough persona because they don’t want to get hurt again.

Marriage and single life should both be held high. Marriage is a beautiful thing when done right and when done under “God’s” timing, NOT yours. Singles should be worried about praising the Lord instead of trying to find that perfect relationship just so they can fit in with what “society” makes us think about relationships. Too many people are focused on social media, and NOT on God. Too many girls are tying to find their “boo” to post pictures with on instagram and Facebook! When someone asks you why you’re still single and why you haven’t gotten married yet, that’s just the Devil trying to bring you down and block you from your blessings! Of course people want to be married, and God blesses that, but truly focus on him and the ultimate marriage, which is when you see christ.


SOOOOOOO, to my singles, if you make your over desire to God, you will do that when you’re married. You should want to be  with somebody who’s hard working for God! A man that will lead the way a man is supposed to lead! Which means you have to be hard working for him as well. Ladies, you can’t be asking for a Godly man, if you’re not a Godly woman. This goes to the fellas as well, look for a Godly woman! Don’t look for a woman that’s more concerned with “partying” all the time.



Mrs. Luster

2 thoughts on “Single life is actually the preferred life”

  1. This is so very true & so very worth posting (worded that horribly!) lol
    In this age when we have Steve Harvey (not knocking his hussle) as the “love expert” women seem to be focusing on “finding a mate” and having a man checklist & not focusing on herself. Making sure she, first, is whole by seeking true companionship with Christ.
    I love that you’re putting this type of information out there! It’s a pathway of thought less trodden, nowadays.
    My mom used to always tell me this when I was younger & now that I’m engaged to be married, it totally maks sense.
    Love these posts! Keep em coming.
    Secretly waiting for some engaged posts from you 😜


    1. Thank you soooooo much babygirl! Yes I’m just posting what I feel like NEEDS to be the focus of young women nowadays! I couldn’t have said it better myself about Mr. Steve Harvey! 🙂 Thanks for the support! I’ll keep em coming! ❤ && an engaged post JUST for you 🙂

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