Social Media Vs. Relationships


Where do I even begin with this topic? See, the problem with our society nowadays is that everyone wants an “Instagram” or Facebook” relationship. They want someone to post daily pictures with, with captions like “Love my bae” or “He’s my everything,” but they haven’t even come close to putting in the actual work in real life. Let’s not forget the ones where you can tell their whole relationship through their social media. (If you’re going to post pictures of the new boo, can we at least delete pictures of the old one? lol)

On a serious note, the reason why social media gets the best of relationships is because most couples make it the focus of the relationship. Ladies I’m talking to you mainly (and yes I know, men do it too). If your man even thinks about liking another girl’s picture you’re ready to jump down his throat, or vice versa. That’s called not having trust, and if you don’t trust him/her OFF social media, what makes you think you can trust them ON social media? Let’s not cover up the problems, by blaming social media. LADIES, if your man cheats it’s NOT because of social media. He was playing you well before you found out through social media, we as humans want something to blame so it’s normal for a man/woman to want to blame social media. Making them delete their social media will NOT solve the problem, because that’s NOT the problem. If they’re a flirty person and “too friendly,” they’re not ready to be committed and social media is NOT to blame.

The focus should always be on CHRIST. To have a healthy relationship, God should be the foundation of the relationship, because with God you have: Love, trust, patience, and so much more. The second important key is communication. This is hard for most people (including me) sometimes our emotions get the best of us and we want yell/scream our emotions. Learn to talk with your significant other about what’s bothering you and focus on finding a solution instead of what’s wrong. Always remember to PRAY. I’ll never forget the first time my husband just grabbed my hand and prayed in the middle of an argument. It brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with so much joy that I completely forgot why the argument even began. Most importantly make sure you’re compatible with that person. This goes back to that fear of being single or “never getting married.” If they don’t bring out the complete best in you and don’t know Christ…it won’t change if you two have sex, have a child, move in together, or get married. I think a lot of people think they can change a person or things will change if they are put in certain situations and well…. that’s simply not true. YOU CAN’T CHANGE A PERSON UNLESS THEY WANT TO CHANGE. All you can do is pray for them and keep it moving. 

So remember, don’t make social media the focus of your relationship, CHRIST should ALWAYS be the focus!


Mrs. Luster