About Me


Hi Everyone!

My name is Stephanie Luster. I’m a newlywed to an amazing man named Michael Luster. I love Jesus Christ he’s my world. I absolutely love people and meeting new people. There’s nothing like meeting a complete stranger and hearing their story.

I traded in my TV news reporter job to write and speak about Jesus. As a newlywed, I found myself caring more about my career as a journalist than I did my husband, so when God spoke to me about leaving the business and to start a blog…I listened. It’s funny how you think you have your whole life planned out and then God comes in and says, “NO! I have something better.”

My husband and I are complete opposites but I think that’s what makes us work (and with the Lord as the center of our world of course!) I’m such an extrovert and he’s more of an introvert. I’m a loud, vivacious, friendly, Latina who loves to talk. Ha! That pretty much sums up who I am.

My husband is attending Liberty University to get his Masters in Theology. Together we plan on saving lives all over the world and making irreplaceable memories.


Hope you all enjoy my blog! 🙂 Love you all

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