Stop being Angry and Prat




Sometimes we just need to stop, drop, and pray. Not everyone needs to be told they need to change over and over. Why do you think he/she hasn’t changed? Why are you two STILL fighting over the same things? Why are you still crying the same tears hoping someday he’ll just wake up and get that he’s hurting you and that’s enough to change his ways. Why are you still telling that family member they need to change, or your friend? You’re not perfect so analyze yourself first, but most importantly let God handle their heart. The only person that can make your boyfriend, mom, dad, friend, sister, or cousin change is God himself. Not you, not your mom, and not your best friend…God and God alone.

God gives us signs to walk away. If that person isn’t giving you the time of day, keep it pushing. 

Ladies, you’ve been calling him/texting him and he has yet to respond. Why? He’s clearly not into you. A man will make time for a woman he’s interested in. Don’t force it because you think you two would make a perfect couple and you think God sent him from above JUST for you. God is not a God of confusion, that’s the devil’s work. I know this saying is so cliché but what’s meant to be will be.

This also applies to friendships; it doesn’t matter how long you two have been friends, remember Jesus himself was betrayed. Friendship is a two-way street, if you find yourself constantly having to call that person, reach out to them first when he/she is mad, (or if they’re always getting mad at you for something) or you always have to make plans first…you should probably love them from afar and keep it pushing.

And if you find yourself mad at a family member because of their ways, remember, it’s not your job to change their heart; it’s your job to pray for them and love them.

Surround yourself with those that love you, those that encourage you and make you happy. 

Life changes, and people change, but one thing will always remain…the love Jesus has for you! Whatever is heavy on your heart whether it be finances, boyfriend/girlfriend, career, friends, family members…always remember to praypray, and pray


Mrs. Luster

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