A new Journey

As most of you know I recently married my best friend, Michael Luster, and while it’s been nothing but beautiful so far, I know times will get hard and we’ll have to turn to prayer often! I really wanted to make a blog not only discussing marriage life, but just relationships in general.

As a young woman of God I really wanted to share with other women in my opinion, what it takes to have a healthy relationship under God’s protection. With that being said, in no way am I saying my relationship with my husband is perfect. In fact it’s far from that! In a previous blog I discussed a hard time in our relationship where my husband and I broke up while were dating for a whole year! It was one of the hardest times in life, as everything I knew came to an end. I thank God every day for that lesson because it prepared me for marriage, and how to turn to the Lord when times get tough. He was the one that got me through it.  A Relationships causes pain, and without God as the head of your relationship, it will crumble.

With that being said we are now happily married, but I’m still learning daily how to be the best wife I can be.  I hope you all enjoy reading and growing with me! 🙂


Mrs. Luster

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